The Co-Write: Episode 38 – An Interview with Brandon Rhyder


For the better part of a decade and a half, Brandon Rhyder has been one of Texas Music’s true workhorses.  After two early releases, “Because She Loves Me” 2001 & “Behind the Pine Curtain” 2003, Brandon really hit his stride with the release of the critically acclaimed, “Conviction” in 2006.  You would be hard pressed to find another album, from any scene, that can go song for song with, “Conviction”, and it set Brandon on a collision course with success and all that comes with it.  The albums that followed, “Every Night” 2008, “Head Above Water” 2010, “That’s Just Me” 2013 & his latest release, 2017’s self-titled effort, “Brandon Rhyder”, have solidified Brandon as one our great songwriter’s. 

On this episode of The Co-Write, Brandon sits down to talk about his early life behind the pine curtain, his struggle in those early days, the chain of events set off by the release of “Conviction”, and his relentless quest for the great song. 

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