The Co-Write: Ep. 20 – An Interview with Walt Wilkins   This week Bobby and Donovan get the chance to talk to master songwriter, producer & friend, Walt Wilkins.  Recorded live from the Live Oak Music Hall green room in Fort Worth, the guys touch on many topics with Walt including:  his musical beginnings, influences, the move to Nashville and then back to Texas, […]

The Co-Write: Grammy Preview Show!!

It’s Grammy season!  The Co-Write takes a look at the upcoming Grammy Awards which airs this Sunday, February 12th.  At (20:20) the boys talk a bit about Kanye West recently going crazy as well as how his much deserved Grammy “snub” will affect his mental state.  At 22:15 the fellas talk again, but really for the first time, […]


CONSIDER THIS FAIR WARNING:  THE FOLLOWING EPISODE CONTAINS THE LIBERAL USE OF SOME CHOICE WORDS THAT MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN < OUR MOTHERS < AND OUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS. Well the boys are back at it with a hot off the presses episode!  Bobby & Donovan have possibly not so popular opinions on […]

The Co-Write: An Interview with Josh Weathers

On this week’s The Co-Write, Bobby and Donovan air a conversation they recorded with the great Josh Weathers prior to a Sunday Supper Club performance by Josh and Bobby back in December.  The trio discuss Josh’s musical beginnings, his heavy touring days, his decision to take a step back, the viral video phenomenon, and his […]

The Co-Write: Best of 2016

Bobby and Donovan bring you a look back at the first season of The Co-Write. The boys lay out their plan for the podcast moving forward, as well as share some of their favorite moments from the past year. After a year where so many meaningful artists passed away, the two review their very first […]

The Co-Write: Episode 15 State Fair Talk; The Twins Turn 1; Bob Dylan Wins Nobel Prize; Rock and Roll HoF Nominees Announced

The Co-Write returns after a three week break to bring you the latest in nonsensical rambling.  Bobby and Donovan talk about their respective trips to the State Fair of Texas (2:00).  Bobby and family celebrate the twins first birthday at (10:10). A review of a recent trip to New York City at (11:45). The fellas discuss […]

The Co-Write: Episode 14 w/ Josh Frasier

This week on The Co-Write Bobby and Donovan sit down with their long-time best friend, and Texas Rangers bullpen catcher, Josh Frasier.  The fellas discuss how they met at Music Fest in Steamboat Springs, CO (6:00).  Josh talks about how he came to love Texas Music at (10:00).  Josh talks about how he became the […]