The Co-Write: Episode 22; The Live Oak Closing; Oscars Talk; Dirk 30k and Sports Mt. Rushmore; The Ranch Fiasco   *NOTE* – We recorded this week using a new software, and it seems to have glitches out on us around the 4:00 mark.  It is prevalent for about a minute and a half, but then clears up the rest of the way.  WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE AND HAVE DESTROYED SAID AUDIO RECORDING DEVICE FOR IT’S […]

The Co-Write: Ep. 21 – Grammy Recap; Ryan Adam’s “Prisoner” Review; John Mayer Phase 2 Review … SPOILER ALERT >>> UGH <<<     *WARNING* THE FOLLOWING PODCAST WAS RECORDED BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 12:15 AND 1 AM. This week on the podcast, Bobby and Donovan meet up at Donovan’s new digs in Grapevine, TX to bring you their hottest opinions on the Grammy Awards ceremony.  The guys talk all of the big names.  Adele, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Maren Morris, […]

The Co-Write: Ep. 20 – An Interview with Walt Wilkins   This week Bobby and Donovan get the chance to talk to master songwriter, producer & friend, Walt Wilkins.  Recorded live from the Live Oak Music Hall green room in Fort Worth, the guys touch on many topics with Walt including:  his musical beginnings, influences, the move to Nashville and then back to Texas, […]

The Co-Write: Grammy Preview Show!!

It’s Grammy season!  The Co-Write takes a look at the upcoming Grammy Awards which airs this Sunday, February 12th.  At (20:20) the boys talk a bit about Kanye West recently going crazy as well as how his much deserved Grammy “snub” will affect his mental state.  At 22:15 the fellas talk again, but really for the first time, […]


CONSIDER THIS FAIR WARNING:  THE FOLLOWING EPISODE CONTAINS THE LIBERAL USE OF SOME CHOICE WORDS THAT MIGHT NOT BE SUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN < OUR MOTHERS < AND OUR SIGNIFICANT OTHERS. Well the boys are back at it with a hot off the presses episode!  Bobby & Donovan have possibly not so popular opinions on […]

The Co-Write: An Interview with Josh Weathers

On this week’s The Co-Write, Bobby and Donovan air a conversation they recorded with the great Josh Weathers prior to a Sunday Supper Club performance by Josh and Bobby back in December.  The trio discuss Josh’s musical beginnings, his heavy touring days, his decision to take a step back, the viral video phenomenon, and his […]

The Co-Write: Best of 2016

Bobby and Donovan bring you a look back at the first season of The Co-Write. The boys lay out their plan for the podcast moving forward, as well as share some of their favorite moments from the past year. After a year where so many meaningful artists passed away, the two review their very first […]