The Co-Write: 2018 – A Year in Preview


For many people, 2017 was a real punch in the gut.  We here at The Co-Write hope that we brought some sort of relief from the exhausting news cycle that whirls around us constantly.  Our goal in 2018 is nothing short of the same.  We look forward to bringing you more, expansive interviews with the artists you love, but plan to do more podcast featuring your loyal hosts giving their opinions on a wide range of topics that pop up throughout the year.  

We will kick things off in 2018 with a trip to Red River, New Mexico for the Red River Songwriter’s Festival, and look forward to bringing you daily podcasts from the festival, including interviews with the artists performing there. 

We are excited to announce a new partnership with our friends at TX Whiskey and Firestone Roberts Distilling.  TX Whiskey is one of the fastest growing whiskey brands in the United States.  Their proprietary blend offers a unique whiskey experience that is both smooth and flavorful.  Their recently released TX Bourbon is one of the finest new bourbons I have had the pleasure of enjoying, and I highly recommend you give it a shot (or two) as well. Their all new Whiskey Ranch is the largest whiskey distillery west of the Mississippi, and sits on the 112 acres that was once Glen Gardens Country Club, in Fort Worth.  The facilities are beautiful, and great for hosting private events.  Check out for more information, and be sure to go check out Whiskey Ranch in the near future!  

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