The Co-Write: Episode 39 – Red River Songwriter’s Festival Review; A Sit Down With Walt Wilkins     The Co-Write is back from the 7th annual Red River Songwriter’s Festival!  The boys are here to share their stories from the festivities, as well as their review of some of the shows they were able to see.  Sitting down for a brief discussion is the great Walt Wilkins.  Walt talks about […]


The Co-Write: Episode 38 – An Interview with Brandon Rhyder   For the better part of a decade and a half, Brandon Rhyder has been one of Texas Music’s true workhorses.  After two early releases, “Because She Loves Me” 2001 & “Behind the Pine Curtain” 2003, Brandon really hit his stride with the release of the critically acclaimed, “Conviction” in 2006.  You would be […]

The Co-Write: Episode 37 – Springsteen on Broadway; Grammy Noms   A special episode of The Co-Write comes at you today!  The boys discuss their recent excursion to NYC, for Springsteen on Broadway.  Afterwards, they give a quick hit to the Grammy nominations that came out earlier this week.  Download, Subscribe & Enjoy Find Us Twitter @thecowrite @bobbyduncan @donovandodd FACEBOOK

The Co-Write: Episode 36 – An Interview with Josh Grider   Josh Grider has been a respected member of the Texas music scene for over a decade.  Josh is a true artist, continually striving to refine and perfect his sound.  From his earliest albums, to the break out, “Million Miles to Go”, and on through his ever growing catalogue, Josh shows a depth, both lyrically and musically, […]

The Co-Write: Episode 35 – An Interview with Susan Gibson   Susan Gibson is, and has, one of the strongest voices in our music scene.  Having penned one of the most widely known songs in music, Wide Open Spaces, cut by The Dixie Chicks, at age 21, her career could have peaked at an early age.  However, through her diligent work ethic, and a […]

The Co-Write: Episode 34 – An Interview with Radney Foster   Radney Foster has long been heralded as one of Texas’ finest songwriters.  Growing up in Del Rio, TX, Radney’s love of music began at family bar-b-ques where guitars were passed from hand to hand and songs of all genres were shared to all who would listen.  Radney tended that early flame and began his […]

The Co-Write: Episode 33 – An Interview with Drew Kennedy   Drew Kennedy had established himself as one of the most gifted songwriters in our region.  His albums, “Fresh Water in the Salton Sea” & “Wide Listener”, were heralded for their depth and sonic beauty around the Americana world.  Drew’s newest effort, “At Home in the Big Lonesome” is available for pre-sale September 30th and set for release […]

The Co-Write: Episode 32 – An Interview with Wade Bowen   Wade Bowen has been a dominate force on the Texas music scene since it caught fire in the early 2000’s.  Beginning his journey in Lubbock, TX, Wade used the momentum carried from building a large following in a college town to make what would become his first hit record, The Blue Light […]

The Co-Write: Episode 31 – An Interview w/ Josh Abbott   Josh Abbott has had one of the fastest rises to the A-list in Texas music history.  Since the beginning of his meteoric rise, Josh has been somewhat of a polarizing force for fans and musicians alike.  However you feel, Josh is firmly fixated at the top of the Texas music pecking order, and has no […]