The Co-Write: Episode 29 – River Jam Part 1 The Co-Write is on the road!  This past weekend we headed southward for New Braunfels and River Road Ice House to talk with the artists playing Galleywinter’s first River Jam.  Recently rebranded, River Jam is in it’s 16th year as the marquee event of the year for the Gallywinter website, and managing editor of Galleywinter, Brad […]

Introducing The Co-Write Movie Reviews: #1 – Dunkirk This week the fellas introduce something new to the Co-Write listeners.  A movie review, “short”, podcast.  Aside from music news and interviews, Bobby and Donovan have a deep passion for the cinema and the art that is produced in that area.  The guys hope to bring you entertaining reviews of movies they are excited […]

The Co-Write: Episode 28 – An Interview with Steve Helms Steve Helms is a music lifer.  The son of legendary D/FW musician, Leon Helms, Steve walked in his father’s boot steps from an early age.  Playing in house bands at an early age, Steve honed his craft, and used those early lessons throughout a career that has spanned nearly 4 decades, and he’s only […]

The Co-Write: Episode 27   The Co-Write is back this week with Episode 27.  The boys discuss two recent concerts they attended as well as the differences with both venues.  A recent Fort Worth Weekly article was released and it is causing quite the storm.  The boys discuss the article and it’s relevance.  Taylor Swift released her entire catalogue back on […]

The Co-Write: Episode 26 – An interview with George Dunham As co-host of the nationally recognized Dunham and Miller Morning Show on Sports Radio 1310 and 96.7 FM The Ticket, George Dunham is one of the most recognized voices in the country.  Aside from his hugely successful career in radio, George holds a deep passion for Texas music.  His band The Bird Dogs are on […]

The Co-Write: Ep. 25

Your fearless leaders are back this week, and flying solo, for the 25th episode of The Co-Write.  Hot takes this week on Sam Riggs and Larry Joe Taylor.  Donovan discusses the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  And, the pod rounds out with some thoughts on a few new records to come out […]

The Co-Write: Ep. 24 – An interview with Justin Frazell   There are few torch bearers of modern Texas music who can say they’ve been around since the dawn of the scene.  Even fewer can claim to have made as large of an impact as Justin Frazell.  From his early days as the morning traffic reporter on KPLX 99.5 The Wolf, to the spawning […]

The Co-Write: Episode 22; The Live Oak Closing; Oscars Talk; Dirk 30k and Sports Mt. Rushmore; The Ranch Fiasco   *NOTE* – We recorded this week using a new software, and it seems to have glitches out on us around the 4:00 mark.  It is prevalent for about a minute and a half, but then clears up the rest of the way.  WE APOLOGIZE FOR THIS INCONVENIENCE AND HAVE DESTROYED SAID AUDIO RECORDING DEVICE FOR IT’S […]

The Co-Write: Ep. 21 – Grammy Recap; Ryan Adam’s “Prisoner” Review; John Mayer Phase 2 Review … SPOILER ALERT >>> UGH <<<     *WARNING* THE FOLLOWING PODCAST WAS RECORDED BETWEEN THE HOURS OF 12:15 AND 1 AM. This week on the podcast, Bobby and Donovan meet up at Donovan’s new digs in Grapevine, TX to bring you their hottest opinions on the Grammy Awards ceremony.  The guys talk all of the big names.  Adele, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, Maren Morris, […]