The Co-Write: Episode 43 – An Interview with Ben Danaher


This week on The Co-Write, we sit down with the great Ben Danaher.  Ben is one of the strongest songwriters going right now, and his new project, “Still Feel Lucky”, out September 7th, will surely separate him from the field.  Growing up in Texas, Ben was always around music.  His dad played in bands, and his older brother Brett has been a stalwart in the Pat Green band since Pat’s earliest days burning through the Texas asphalt.  Ben began his career like many others, assembling a band and touring heavily before realizing there was something more for him that being another bar band playing whatever college town had an opening.  Since moving to Nashville, Ben has continued to refine his songwriting voice in a truly remarkable way.  You can pre-order Ben’s newest album now.  Just go to your favorite music purchasing platform and do the thing.  For now, enjoy this conversation! 

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