The Co-Write: Episode 32 – An Interview with Wade Bowen



Wade Bowen has been a dominate force on the Texas music scene since it caught fire in the early 2000’s.  Beginning his journey in Lubbock, TX, Wade used the momentum carried from building a large following in a college town to make what would become his first hit record, The Blue Light Live.  Although the road is never easy, Bowen continue to push towards his goal of being a career musician, and after a few years of searching while scraping every dollar together he could, Bowen began an incredible streak of successful projects.  Beginning with Lost Hotel, Bowen’s streak of albums, including If We Ever Make It Home, The Given, Wade Bowen & a soon to be released, Keith Gattis produced album, could arguably be one of the most solid runs of releases this genre has ever seen.  Listen to Bowen take a turn with The Co-Write to discuss his career from the early days to the present, and how he desires to continue to push the boundaries even further.


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